3 professional training centers

Atelier d'Architecture Galand - AAG

“The construction materials employed in this project respond magnificently to the specificities of the site, including its climate.”Samia Henni

Robust Simplicity

— Lisa De Visscher

Atelier d’Architecture Galand built three training centres in Bounkiling, Goudiry and Sédhiou (Senegal) based on the same simple construction and ecology principles. A concrete shell supports a roof that provides shade on the façades and around the building thanks to a large overhang. The excavated earth forms the basic material for the walls. The patio collects the rainwater and in so doing ensures cooling and ventilation. Photovoltaic panels provide the building with energy.

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  • Atelier d'Architecture Galand - AAG

  • http://www.atelier-architecture-galand.be

  • SEN/801

  • Goudiry, Senegal

  • 3 professional training centers

  • International design competition

  • Ministry of Labour, Vocational Training and Industry. Deputy client : LuxDev

  • 10/05/2021

  • 4 500 m², spread over the 3 sites

  • 4 000 000 €, spread over the 3 sites

  • Atelier d'Architecture Galand - AAG in temporary association C2A - GAU and the participation of Koé

  • Maty ingineering consulting

  • Corex

  • Sietra

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