7 garden pavilions


“A precise and concise intervention that is generous in its flexibility. It is almost like a ‘khaima’ tent in the simplicity and efficiency of its construction details.” Louis Leger

An urban room

— Benoît Vandevoort

In 2017 Brussels Environment asked the young architecture firm Piovenefabi to design five summer bars for different parks across Brussels: Maurice (Cinquantenaire), Gisèle (La Cambre), Émile (Duden), Fabiola (Roi Baudouin) and Henri (Georges Henri). The bars proved to be so successful that two more were added in the summer of 2019: Jeanne (Rouge-Cloître) and André (Laeken). Colloquially known as ‘guinguettes’, named after the eighteenth-century ephemeral drinking and dancing venues around Paris, this series of equally uncomplicated pavilions quickly grew into a familiar sight in the Brussels public space during summer.

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  • Piovenefabi

  • https://piovenefabi.it

  • 7 garden pavilions

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • Kiosks in the parks of Brussels, with public program: bar, place for events

  • Competition

  • Bruxelles Environnement - IBGE

  • 1/05/2021

  • 900 m²

  • 490 000 €

  • Malik Benhkala

  • Pupillagrafik (graphic design)

  • Entrepool srl

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