Arles Luma Parc des Ateliers

Bureau Bas Smets

‘The project involved transforming a sterile, desolate and desert-like site into a beautiful, lush and comfortable public park within a short period of time by speeding up the natural evolution of the surrounding landscape typology. With great knowledge of microclimatic conditions, the park is skilfully designed to develop as a self-sustaining living organism. The park offers an effortlessly diverse experience to the public, with lowered temperatures in summer and warm sunspots in winter, and if open-source documentation is created, the project has the potential to be a future reference of great importance.’ Dorte Mandrup

  • Bureau Bas Smets


  • Arles Luma Parc des Ateliers

  • Arles, France

  • Public park

  • Direct commission

  • SCI Ateliers D'Arles immobilier, AREA

  • 25/06/2021

  • 66280 m²

  • 12.000.000 €

  • TPF Ingénerie

  • TPF Ingénerie

  • Transsolar

  • Guintoli, Eurovia, Général Environnement, PEC

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