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“The beauty of this project lies in its proficient straightforwardness, well-orchestrated functionality and sustainable performativity. It shows how design can be both gorgeous and efficient.” Samia Henni

Material Tactics

— Veronique Patteeuw

In Belgium, no less than 36 million tonnes of earth are excavated every year on building sites. Two million tonnes in Brussels alone. That material is not easy to keep, store and transport, so 60 per cent of it is thrown away as waste. Since 2019 BC materials, a spin-off of BC architects and studies, has been recovering the raw earth from the ground to convert it into new building materials. That is why the designers’ collective built a small storage and production hall on the site of Tour & Taxis in Brussels. BC’s ultimate goal is not only to offer the manufactured loam bricks for sale, but to change no less than the entire conventional building culture.

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  • BC architects & studies

  • https://www.bc-as.org/

  • BC Materials

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • Open production hall for BC Materials

  • Direct commission

  • BC materials

  • 22/03/2019

  • 300 m²

  • 60 000 €

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