Extra Muros

* Exemplary practice in circularity

‘This project shows how collective housing realized in the vicinity of large-scale infrastructures can bring collective facilities to an entire neighbourhood. The subtle interweaving of public and semi-public spaces is exemplary.’ Kaye Geipel

  • &bogdan


  • Bijgaardehof

  • Ghent, Belgium

  • co-housing community and neighbourhood health care centre

  • public tender (open competition)

  • Cohousing groups Biotope, De Spore and Wijgaard, Wijkgezondheidscentrum Kapellenberg, Sogent

  • 03/12/2021

  • 9.375 m²

  • Undisclosed

  • LAND

  • NEY & Partners

  • VK Engineering

  • VK Engineering

  • Daidalos Peutz

  • Strabag

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