“This elegant and discreet intervention, done with sturdy and robust materials, not only echoes the past of the site but also operates as a timeless piece of infrastructure. It effortlessly allows for a richness of seamless transitions: connecting over the sunken topography, under the city buildings and its pavements, the foliage and base of trees, the paths and the randomness of playing children.” – Sofia von Ellrichshausen

Seamless infrastructure

— Guillaume Vanneste

The northern border of the Tour & Taxis park was recently extended into the new Pannenhuis park (see A+290). At the junction of the two park sections, and on the side of the Charles Demeer bridge, a footbridge connects the bottom to the top, doubling the existing access to the Pannenhuis metro station in the process. Developed in the context of the Bockstael Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract of the city of Brussels, this raw yet neat little work of art was designed and implemented by the architectural engineers of Util and the architects of Baukunst.

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  • Baukunst


  • Bockstael

  • Laeken, Belgium

  • Footbridge and public park

  • Selection procedure of the Brussels Government Architect (BMA)

  • City of Brussels, Bruxelles Environnement - IBGE

  • 30/03/2021

  • 20 000 m²

  • 1 500 000 €

  • Landinzicht

  • UTIL

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