“This elegant and discreet intervention, done with sturdy and robust materials, not only echoes the past of the site but also operates as a timeless piece of infrastructure. It effortlessly allows for a richness of seamless transitions: connecting over the sunken topography, under the city buildings and its pavements, the foliage and base of trees, the paths and the randomness of playing children.” – Sofia von Ellrichshausen

  • Baukunst

  • https://www.bau-kunst.eu

  • Bockstael

  • Laeken, Belgium

  • Footbridge and public park

  • Selection procedure of the Brussels Government Architect (BMA)

  • City of Brussels, Bruxelles Environnement - IBGE

  • 30/03/2021

  • 20 000 m²

  • 1 500 000 €

  • Landinzicht

  • UTIL

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