URA Yves Malysse Kiki Verbeeck

‘The school combines both reuse and new construction in a dense urban block, being aware and taking care of the spaces of proximity between the neighbours and between the two school buildings. The project heightens the sense of exploration and surprise of getting inside a city block. This intensity influences the different interior spaces, offering a rich and careful sequence of changes in dimension and natural light, dedicating a distinct atmosphere to the different daily situations that unfold in this school.’ Eva Prats

  • URA Yves Malysse Kiki Verbeeck


  • BTL

  • Laken, Belgium

  • kindergarten and primary school

  • public tender (two phase competition)

  • GO! Flemish education system

  • 17/08/2020

  • 1800 m²

  • 3.788.925 €

  • Landinzicht Landschapsarchitecten

  • Util Struktuurstudies

  • HP engineers

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