De Rinck Community Center

LAVA Architecten

“A carefully orchestrated succession of programmes, open and closed spaces, and public terraces inside an existing urban block.” Konstantinos Pantazis

A challenging exercise

— Chloë Raemdonck

More than ten years ago, Lava architecten won the competition for the construction of community centre De Rinck on Dapperheidsplein in Anderlecht. It was the first competition that Lava won and at the same time a considerable challenge in both space and time.

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  • LAVA Architecten


  • De Rinck Community Center

  • Anderlecht, Belgium

  • Renovation and construction of the Community Center De Rinck

  • Restricted tender

  • Flemish Community Commission

  • 19/06/2019

  • 2555 m²

  • 6 443 167,04 €

  • LAVA Architecten

  • UTIL

  • IRS

  • IRS

  • Daidalos-Peutz

  • Macobo

  • Houben

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