GRAB Schaarbeek

Geurst & Schulze architecten + Java Architecten/s

Major intervention

* Exemplary practice in circularity

‘A highly skilful and insightful treatment of volumes and space, set into a complex urban situation. Playgrounds are placed on both ground and roof to make the most of the limited site. The scale and proportions, and the material treatment and details, are well designed throughout and seem to be organically integrated in the context in a timeless way. The learning environment is created around contemporary principles of learning, with well-proportioned spaces, creating long-term flexibility.’ Dorte Mandrup

  • Geurst & Schulze architecten + Java Architecten/s


  • GRAB Schaarbeek

  • Schaarbeek, Belgium

  • Dutch-speaking primary and nursery school with caretaker's house, renovation of Le Chenil, extension of French-speaking primary school with sports accommodation

  • public tender (open competition)

  • Municipality of Schaarbeek

  • 22/11/2022

  • 4500 m²

  • 9.025.554 €

  • Util Struktuurstudies

  • MK Engineering

  • MK Engineering

  • ASM Acoustics

  • Bureau Bouwtechniek Antwerpen

  • Louis de Waele

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