Het Steen


‘How do you redesign a historic building that plays a central role in the city skyline while integrating a challenging programme? The architects courageously decided to inscribe the figure of the castle into the redevelopment of the existing ruin, creating a consistent urban figure that will anchor itself in the cityscape.’ Kaye Geipel

  • noAarchitecten

  • https://noaarchitecten.net

  • Het Steen

  • Antwerp, Belgium

  • Re-use, restoration and extension of Antwerp’s Het Steen

  • Open Call (Team Flemish Government Architect)

  • City of Antwerp / AG Vespa / Visit Antwerpen

  • 01/11/2021

  • 3700 m²

  • 7.438.016 €

  • Util Struktuurstudies

  • HPengineers

  • Daidalos

  • Daidalos

  • Democo/Renotec

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