Intertwining Urban Ecology

BOB361 architects

‘The project combines vision and persistence in an outstanding way. Social housing is introduced to complete a heterogeneous urban fabric, accumulating their powers to open a shared green core that is offered to the city’s inhabitants as a new public sphere. Overcoming invisible boundaries of responsibilities, this project shows how designing from the potentials of the space with a vision can open up new opportunities for the city.’ Markus Bader

  • BOB361 architects


  • Intertwining Urban Ecology

  • Vorst, Belgium

  • Design of the public space of a social housing project

  • “Design competition in collaboration with the Bouwmeester Maître Architecte (BMA)”


  • 02/12/2020

  • 7700 m²

  • 12.058.663 €

  • Ontwerpbureau Pauwels

  • RCR Studiebureau, Herent

  • ACH Construct, Les Bons Villers

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