KABO Beringen

AAC Architecture & a2o

Extra Muros

* Exemplary practice in circularity

‘The new volumes are modestly integrated into the listed construction, clearly differentiating between old and new and underlining the qualities present. The use of boxes within the existing space, a rhythmic alternation between single- and double-height space and between interior and covered exterior. Yet adding a warm, playful and inviting interior while respecting the strict symmetry of the existing building.’ Dorte Mandrup

  • AAC Architecture & a2o

  • https://www.aacarchitecture.be/

  • Kabo Beringen

  • Beringen-Beverlo, Belgium

  • Kindergarten & Elementary school

  • public tender (open competition)

  • vzw Katholiek Basisonderwijs Beringen-Mijn

  • 01/08/2017

  • 4000 m²

  • 4.930.374 €

  • Fris in het landschap

  • Greisch

  • Cenergie

  • Cenergie

  • Daidalos Peutz

  • Renotec nv

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