Maison Jupiter


Small Intervention

* Exemplary practice in circularity

‘Good architecture should be a learning opportunity. Maison Jupiter delivers a treasure trove of architectural lessons and innovations. The project fully explores how a low-carbon approach can translate into low-rise vertical housing, elegantly integrating water management, heat production, natural ventilation and cohabitation with non-humans.’ Meriem Chabani

  • V+ in collaboration with Paul Mouchet (Central Ofau) and Sophie Dars (Accattone)


  • Maison Jupiter

  • Vorst, Belgium

  • single family house

  • Direct commission

  • Private

  • 01/09/2022

  • 300 m²

  • 560.000 €

  • Plant & Houtgoed

  • SEA (François Laurent)

  • Mathieu Leroy (Greish)

  • Didier Vander Heyden

  • Bureau Bouwtechniek

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