Pine Concrete House


“This house condenses in a small footprint a compact presence and clear sense of totality. The care with which it has been conceived is evidenced by the transitions of surfaces, the positioning of every board (whether in a formwork or a finished inner wall) and the awareness of the subtle differences of materials and the crafted atmosphere of its exteriors as much as its interiors.” Sofia von Ellrichshausen

Balancing practice and theory

— Hera Van Sande

With the Pine Concrete House in South Africa, the cross-cultural office Sugiberry has created a one-room retreat away from a multi-generational family house. Partly buried in the ground, the retreat’s concrete elements are repeated on the inside by the concrete’s own casing, its wooden counterpart.

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  • sugiberry


  • Pine Concrete House

  • Paarl, South Africa

  • House

  • Direct commission

  • Private

  • 14/02/2020

  • 143 m²

  • Private

  • Mayu Takasugi & Johannes Berry (sugiberry)

  • Richard Cooper (Timber) JTL Structures (Concrete)

  • Wollies Houtwerke (Formwork Constuction)  - Hein Visagie Project Management (Concrete Consultant)

  • ClaasEco Construction

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