“This public square in Etterbeek is a good example of how to manage a space addressing children and pedestrian uses in an urban context. Through the use of simple tools, the project improves relations between the city’s different users. Cars disappear and distance is created between them and people without this distance becoming a fence. An interesting balance in the use of vegetal and mineral in order to establish a subtle hierarchy in the public space.” Louis Leger

  • grue

  • https://www.gruelab.eu

  • Public square

  • Etterbeek, Belgium

  • Playground, garden

  • Selection procedure of the Brussels Government Architect (BMA)

  • Municipality of Etterbeek

  • 24/05/21

  • 3000 m²

  • 750 000,00 €

  • grue

  • grue

  • Alter

  • Witteven & Bos

  • Studio Gregory Lacoua (designer)

  • Eurovia

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