Regional House Edegem

BC architects & studies

“A radically sustainable, polemical, educational and participative project. It brings the usually invisible consequences of architecture to the foreground.” Konstantinos Pantazis

Precious experimentation

— Véronique Patteeuw

Fort V in Edegem is a former military warehouse that was once part of the old line of defences around Antwerp. It is here that BC Architects realized a bio-class, a shared learning space where children can explore nature and ecology. Although small in size and limited in budget, the project became a laboratory where the cooperative of architects could translate their experience in self-build projects with non-standard materials into a European context.

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  • BC architects & studies


  • Regional House Edegem

  • Edegem, Belgium

  • A regional house inside a warehouse, where kids can learn about nature and ecology.

  • Competition

  • Municipality of Edegem

  • 6/03/18

  • 350 m²

  • 529 000,00 €