Stam Europa

Acte, 51N4E

“The project creates the conditions for new temporary uses in the largely monofunctional European Quarter. The outcome of a collaboration between a diverse group of radical experts, it promotes architecture’s ability to playfully and collectively imagine another future for the city.”Konstantinos Pantazis

Unlayered space for overlayed uses

— Léone Drapeaud

When 51N4E were asked to convert the ground floor of an empty office building in the European Quarter into a multifunctional space, their first approach was to finish stripping all of the building’s interior claddings. Now a bare concrete shell with minimalistic fittings, StamEuropa is an open invitation to the citizens of Europe to find agency in the face of the EU’s imperviousness. 

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  • Acte, 51N4E


  • Stam Europa

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • Third space

  • Direct commission

  • Fondation Roi Baudouin

  • 1/05/21

  • 200 m²

  • 100 000,00 €

  • Chevalier Masson (Textile designer - co-designers), Mathilde Pecqueur and Salomé Corvalan (Textile designer - co-designers)

  • Plant & Houtgoed

  • Bollinger Grohmann

  • Facilitator Duurzame Gebouwen

  • Vraiment Vraiment

  • Openair

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