Théâtre Océan Nord

Victoire Chancel & Carla Frick-Cloupet

Small Intervention

* Innovative practice in circularity

‘In this small but very successful intervention, connecting spaces take centre stage. Transforming a former garage into a beautiful, wide-open foyer for a studio theatre in an act of collective designing and building with the theatre staff required that the architects extend their role from designers to communicators, moderators and managers. A wonderful space in which to enjoy the power of the many.’ Markus Bader

  • Victoire Chancel & Carla Frick-Cloupet


  • Théâtre Océan Nord

  • Schaarbeek, Belgium

  • Entrance, bar and theatre reception

  • Direct commission

  • Théâtre Océan Nord

  • 30/04/2021

  • 140 m²

  • 20.000 €

  • self built

  • self built

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