“An intelligent demonstration of how to deal with an existing structure. Space and uses are defined through structural reinforcement. A rational approach that retains the spirit of the initial building.” Louis Leger


— Élodie Degavre

An architect’s personal home is an unhoped-for testing ground in which new architectural convictions can take shape: this is the road AgwA took when converting a warehouse into a dwelling in Verbieststraat.

In the beginning, there was an isolated warehouse in the middle of a plain. A solid at the centre of a void. The status of this barn in Molenbeek changed when housing was built around it in the 1950s: it is now an empty skeleton at the centre of a solid.

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  • AgwA


  • Verbiest

  • Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Belgium

  • Transformation of a old warehouse into a single family house, a productive garden and a shared artistic workshop

  • Private

  • Private

  • 4/05/20

  • 600 m² (interior) - 390 m² (exterior)

  • 400 000,00 €

  • AgwA

  • AgwA

  • JZH & Partners

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