Victoria Tower


‘The project researches the flexibility of reoccupation of a 22-storey office tower without changing its exterior presence in the city as a landmark. The work is centred in the connection of this tall building with its immediate urban context, creating generous new entrances and workspaces in the lower levels, and designing a public space that anchors it in the city.’ Eva Prats

  • 51N4E


  • Victoria

  • Sint-Joost-ten-Node , Belgium

  • Co-working, Office, Hotel, Bar, Conference facilities

  • Direct commission

  • DOWNTOWN Real Estate / Baltisse NV 30/05/2023

  • 30/05/2023

  • 25000 m²

  • Undisclosed

  • Plant en Houtgoed

  • CES

  • De Fonseca


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