OUEST + Zinneke + Rotor

“By recuperating and reusing parts from former constructions, the project understands and responds to the need to reduce the environmental impact of architectural production. It is a clear example of how the urgent need to mitigate climate change is changing the way we design and build.” – Anna Puigjaner

From mongrel to co-creator

— Jolien Naeyaert

Zinneke, the social and artistic organization known for its biennial parade in Brussels, has been settling in the Masui neighbourhood, north of the city centre, since 2013. After a rather nomadic existence, they found this permanent home, which has now been renovated and restructured in close collaboration with Rotor and Ouest architecture. The team developed an ambitious workmethod of co-creation to enable a far-reaching reuse of materials and to stimulate collaboration that prioritizes care and solidarity for people and the environment.

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  • OUEST + Zinneke + Rotor

  • https://www.ouest.be

  • Zinneke

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • Workshops, workspaces and social meeting spaces for socio-cultural organization Zinneke

  • Selection procedure of the Brussels Government Architect (BMA)

  • ZINNEKE vzw

  • 15/06/21

  • 4000 m²

  • 2 275 000,00 €

  • JZH & Partners

  • Matriciel

  • Zinneke, Ouest, Rotor, Matriciel

  • Rotor (reuse of materials), Zinneke

  • De Coninck nv

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