Laeken railway station


“B-architecten have dealt very effectively with two conflicting issues in the transformation of a historic railway station into a cultural facility: respecting the character of the original structure while adapting it to its new purpose, and at the same time facing up to the continuing traffic on the railway that the station used to serve.”Deyan Sudjic

Station de la Création

— Gitte Van den Bergh

It is in the context of a Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract that the design team led by B-architecten was tasked with adapting Laken station to the current requirements of accessibility and sustainability, of adding a limited catering facility and of creating the immediate outdoor layout. In a soft way, without heavy interventions or structural adjustments, the flexible design manages to capture the low-threshold, informal institution that Maison de la Création wants to be.

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  • B-architecten


  • Laeken railway station

  • Laeken, Belgium

  • Public building; social and cultural center

  • Competition

  • City of Brussels

  • 25/08/2020

  • 1200 m²

  • 3 228 405,89 €

  • B-architecten

  • B-architecten

  • UTIL structuurstudies

  • Cenergie cvba

  • Bureau De Fonseca

  • Vanhecke - Suls Architecten (Restoration), Ndvr Cvba (Public Participation)

  • Renotec

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